Expert medical translation and revising by a DVM for:

Textbooks & manuals- Drug registration dossiers, EMA, SmPC, PIL, labeling- Medical information for patients and physicians- Creative translation for the medicine sector (slogan, advertising)- Clinical trials (Study Protocol, ICFs, PROs, etc.)- Ultra-specialized topics as bio-medicine, bio-research, gene therapy, molecular lab, etc.- IFU for medical devices, equipment, and surgical instruments- GUI for medical software and related e-docs- Medical news (and summaries of medical journals)- IVRS/IWRS systems- Scientific articles- Surveys- Catalogs- e-learning



What a difference an expert makes!

In medical specialized topics, the professional translator must be more than a linguist who is fluent in two languages, above all when the source is sloppy or incorrectly written, that is not uncommon. 

A glaring example are EMA templates where you MUST use specific wordings otherwise your application for marketing  authorization can be rejected. 

A simple "linguist" is often unable to avoid medical jargon traps: This is why a Subject Matter Expert like me really makes the difference.


An editor that is also a doctor

Editing concentrates less on the form and more on the terminology and involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used.


This is achieved by researching each term that raises a doubt, or even terms that are unknown to the editor, just to make sure that the right terms were used.


This typically involves research – whether online or in paper/CD-ROM specialized dictionaries – accompanied by recommended corrections.

Researches are very time-consuming and, especially using Internet resources, chances to find unreliable references are very high.


This is why a translator that is also a doctor is the best professional you can hire

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine & Geek

I took my degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1981, then I worked as a veterinary surgeon in my own pet practice for 18 years - I started using a PC in the '80 programming a Commodore C64

I took my degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1981, then I worked as a veterinary surgeon in my own pet practice for 18 years doing surgery, lab tests, RX, and clinical medicine.


I was one of the founding member of a Piedmont Vet Association, in 1989 I attended an internship in Tropical Medicine, and the same year I worked collecting swine pericardia and rabbit blood for the vet lab LAV. The same year, I worked for the Pinerolo USL doing health checks and vaccines on large animals.

I started using a PC in the '80 with a Commodore C64 used to create vet reports for my customers and some simple videos in Basic for a private TV

Then I went through many PC generations and I used zillion of softwares/tools gaining a strong capacity for bending applications to my needs, as showed e.g. below:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and TextAloud i.e. How to add a transcription and translation capability with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

TextAloud.and TMX splitting i.e. How to split a huge and (possibly) unusable TMX memory in smaller blocks, even if it contains wrong (non TMX compliant) translation units that crash SDLX or Trados Workbench.


BAT tool (my brain, 100 billion neurons in a SIMD architecture)

MS Office 2016

memoQ Pro 9 (owned license)

WinAutomation to automate everything, but coffees
ABBYYY FineReader 14 to OCRize many things, included paper dictionaries I bought
TransTool to clean OCRized files
Archivarius 3000 to index bilingual and monolingual references (some elaborated with Abbyy)

GoldenDict to query several dictionaries and thesauri
NOVA Text Aligner to feed Archivarius 3000
Heartsome TMX Editor to clean TMs for Archivarius 3000 indexing
TextAloud to do second lectures
Dragon Naturally Speaking to speed-up rush jobs
Translation Office 3000 for accounting

Winter Fox


I Take Care of Your Medical Translation Projects

I am a DVM, an English to Italian Qualified Member of ITI having passed my exam first time round in the Medicine and pharmaceuticals area, and a SME in medical translation, with a wealth of experience (started November 2000) in EMA centralized procedures, trials, surveys, IVRS/IWRS, ICFs, IFUs, medical software localization, Linguistic Validation for CROs and other medical topics


English to Italian translator (up to November 2019) for the IOS app Atlante di anatomia umana di Visible Body
now even in augmented reality!
Italian to English translator for the 5M Clinical Veterinary Echography, by Federica Rossi, Giliola Spattini
English to Italian translator for the Veterinary Focus journal (former Waltham Focus) magazine and monographs since 2004

Builder of the Babylon English to Italian glossary: Statistica epidemiologica

Elsevier Clinica medica veterinaria Malattie del cane e del gatto di Ettinger & Feldman, sesta edizione 

UTET Pronto Soccorso Veterinario - cane gatto ed animali esotici di Signe J. Plunkett

UTET 5-Minute Veterinary Consult di Larry Tilley

UTET Anestesia e Analgesia Cane, Gatto, Animali esotici di Seymour & Gleed

UTET Il secondo Cervello di Michael D. Gershon

CSE Nuove Indicazioni nel trattamento del dolore neuropatico

Some files with information of my past projects can be downloaded here in the bottom of the section Background



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